Sang Whang was the author of two books: Reverse Aging and I’m OK, but What Happened to My Body? Both of these books are focused on physical health and aging. If you are interested in purchasing one of these books, please use these links:

Reverse Aging

I’m OK, but What Happened to My Body?


Reverse Aging


The accumulation of acidic waste products within our body is the process of aging. Therefore, removing old, stored waste is reverse aging. When we think of “health,” we think of diet and exercise. Diet and exercise help our body dispose of waste products. However, they are very difficult to stay with and they are not as effective. Now science has made it simple and easy to remove acidic waste products that are within our body, and the method is more effective than diet and exercise. The true “Fountain of Youth” was right under our nose all the time. Learn the scientific processes and devices available for “Reverse Aging.” No need to accept “Aging” as a fact of life. Anybody can do it!

Sang Whang is an engineer, scientist, and inventor with many US patents. His fields of expertise span many different areas such as data communication devises (modems), electronic filters, chemistry, water, cornea measuring devises, multi-focal contact le nses, etc. An improvement of his own health without medicine, diet or exercise caused him to investigate the phenomenon and led him to the discovery of his theory of “Reverse Aging.”

I’m OK, but What Happened to My Body

The human body is an amazing survival machine. It adapts to physiological changes so that, as we age, we do not feel any difference. In the meantime, our blood gradually loses an important elemnt, bicarbonate. This loss causes physiological changes in our body, starting around the age of 45. Sang Whang discovered this in his 20 years of scientific research on human health.

This book is a summary of Mr. Whang’s research on the scientific reasons for such physiological changes and what we can do to replenish bicarbonate to the blood to prevent or even revers these physiological changes.

An improvement of his own health without medicine, diet or exercise caused Sang Whang to investigate the phenomenon. It led him to the discovery of his scientific theory of how the human body ages, and of the simple methods to revers or dramatically slow down the aging process. His latest invention is the battery charger for the human body.

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