Welcome to SangWhang.org

This is the official website dedicated to the scientist, engineer, inventor, and philanthropist Sang Whang.

Many people know him from his book “Reverse Aging”. Others may know him for his many inventions and patents including the high speed modem, the bifocal contact lens, Alkalife, E-Cal, and Bicarb-Balance, and even the AlkaBest Ionizer. I know him as my father and mentor.

My name is Peter Whang, the youngest of Sang’s three children. I have the honor of being the conservator of this site. This site has been compiled for all who are interested in his past, present, and future. Yes his future, in that all of his research on alkalinity and water is still changing the world of health as we know it.

I had the privilege of spending time with my father, reviewing the science of alkalinity and his research over the last several years. It was his hope that I would follow in his footsteps, to carry this science to the world. It was his wish that we should all live healthier lives, be more youthful in the days we have, and share the wealth of this health with everyone around us.

I am very glad that you have visited the site, and hope you will return as I will continue to add more information in the days and years to come.

-Peter Whang, chief of research and development at Alkalife